Zimowa Szkoła (Winter School)

Zimowa Szkoła (Winter School) is an annual initiative of SSS JUMC which aims to present to the young scientists the basics of conducting scientific research in course of numerous practical and theoretical workshops. The key element of this event are also lectures, given by the academics from our university.



Another edition of Zimowa Szkoła SSS JUMC took place from 2nd till 3rd of December 2022 – this year’s theme was finding work-life balance as a doctor. During the first day of the event, participants took part in numerous workshops e.g. laparoscopy and ultrasonography training or introduction to statistics. The second day of Zimowa Szkoła started with the case report competition during which members of the Board of SSS JUMC evaluated prepared presentations. Next part of the programme was the conversation with prof. Andrzej Surdacki, MD, PhD, Head of II Chair of Cardiology JUMC, about stress and burnout. Lectures about how to submit the consent to conduct scientific research to the Bioethical Committee and how to properly store and process personal data also took place. To close the event, best authors of case reports and winners of the competition regarding basic EBM knowledge were granted with attractive awards. Parallel workshops on work-life balance and ways to reduce fear of public speaking were held throughout the whole day.  

Thanks to Izabela Łysoń, 4th year medical student, and Mateusz Pałka, SSS JUMC Board Member, we present photos from our event.


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