Conference funding

Submitting the abstract: In the case of presenting at the conference and/or publishing a research paper, the student should name their SSG’s name as their affiliation

Obtaining funding for a conference visit: 

  1. familiarising with the rules of respective faculties 
  2. filling out the online form necessary for getting funding
  3. Obtaining the SSG’s membership certification
  4. The conference’s participation certificate
  5. Submitting it to the Dean’s Office

We would like to remind you, that to obtain an SSG’s membership certification you need to first- get it signed by the Tutor. You can contact us only after achieving that

The person responsible for signing the certifications is Aleksandra Borowiec– We kindly ask for contact via messenger or e-mail

The SSG’s Memebership certification- below

Certyfikat o czlonkostwie w kole naukowym 2


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